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This is my website - lots of thought provoking information. I can save you money on some printing, like business cards and postcards, however more importantly, I can help you put programs in place that will earn you twenty to forty times more money from your past and current clients through client retention marketing ... give me a call or send me an email. I would be glad to chat with you. Make it a great day. 


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As a business, regardless of size, product, or the service you render you only have two jobs ...

         The first is to obtain customers and clients, however you do that and

         The second is to keep or retain those customers and clients (for their lifetime value*)

Client retention marketing done correctly will keep you in business in good times and bad. You will
double or triple your business over a competitor that does not have a formal client retention system! (((((laughing)))))

Your competition** will never know why until it is too late. The ROI for retention marketing typically exceed
800%! That's $800 (or more) for every dollar you invest in retaining and educating your clients

  *  Lifetime value equals approximately 20 (or more) times what you earn from that client annually!
**  Only 3% of all U.S. firms maintain a formal client retention and business development program!